the jeremy taylor? yes

i'm an engineer, a word meaning a curious person who patiently overcomes natural boundaries. im from san diego, while i fly the bear flag i'm really a global citizen.


Marketing and Digital (agencies in San Diego and Chicago)

Imaging and Printing (id cards, textile printing and fulfillment)

Data Filter and Catalog (National Archives)

Financial Analytics (health insurance)

Design Tools (color and typographic)

English Content (language analysis, wordpress)

Warehouse Integration (commerce, fulfillment, inventory)

Javascript HTML CSS JSON jQuery Bootstrap Node.js SQL PHP ImageMagick LINUX Apache RegularExpressions

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Time Lapse Calculator
Cubic Calculator

Scale by volume and this simple app solves the sides of a cube. Useful in prototyping craft projects, structures, and sewing projects.

Camping Gear Checklist

Featuring essential items for car camping. Check items off so you don't forget things next time under the stars.

Top Productivity Tips

Some gems I have discovered over the years helpful to keep in mind.

HTML in 5 minutes




Health Cost Compare

Evaluate medical service prices in California regions and project total cost.
UI Design, Data Capture and Format, Scripted Calculations, DOM Scripting

Guides health insurance shoppers to an efficient health plan.

Mornings are Precious

24 habits to make every desk-day productive.


Brilliant color palette inspired by your image. Redesigned from an earlier server-side architecture to analyzes images colors directly in the browser using javascript.

United States Electoral College

An interactive map lead by Rachel Everett at Viderity in Washington DC, My role was to code a data-driven state-by-state electoral map to communicate official the results of the Electoral College website.


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