Checklist for a Productive Day

  1. Use point system to rank task difficulty.
  2. Break projects into 15-minute tasks.
  3. Stop working at 4:30, usually.
  4. Do not use laptop for leisure activities.
  5. Reward self at milestones with gifts, food.
  6. Check in with team frequently.
  7. Work on location with others.
  8. Keep reasonable, accomplishable todo list.
  9. Keep goals and tasks separate.
  10. Maintain a list for everyday routine items to reinforce good habits.
  11. Keep working notes at hand (like at the top or bottom of project file).
  12. Regularly remove clutter from working room.
  13. Work under a 2-3 hour deadline or dying laptop battery.
  14. Measure todos agains how many hours remain in workday.
  15. Focus only on a few, select projects.
  16. Maintain 'living' project document, not an archive.
  17. Tell others your plans to enforce accountability.
  18. Motivate by knowing it is likely to succeed (if you make it, they will buy it).
  19. Build a strong case to justify new projects to others as it will force you to do the research early.
  20. Allocate an entire day to a single project.
  21. Log done items separately from todos.
  22. Mornings are precious, use those hours for creative, mentally-challenging, or high-resistance tasks.
  23. Set and track goals beyond tasks.
  24. Reinforce habits daily.