Camping Checklist

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large bag

We use the blue bags which you can buy in the checkout line at IKEA for fifty cents to carry much of our sleeping gear. There bags are cheap, strong, and easy to access.


Generally firewood needs to be split, especially the pieces which you use to get the fire started. Also is a handy digging tool to make a cat hole for your natural deeds.


A radio or an external speaker is nice to add a little low volume music to your day. Please be considerate of nearby campers and keep the sound low and duration limited.


Camping towels are design to dry quickly, though the disadvantage is that they are often smaller and less absorbent than those made of terrycloth. Unless you need a towel to dry very quickly because your are backpacking, a regular-sized towel is a nice luxury. Also consider a turkish towel, which also doubles as a picnic blanket and a shawl.