Hi. I develop fresh web apps that solve problems and create opportunities. Both when working in a team or as an independent developer, I have had a hand in bringing some captivating tools to market.

Jeremy Taylor
Full-Stack Web Developer
San Diego, California
November 13, 2015


Here are a few projects which illustrate the breadth of my experience in product development, database application programming, interface design, and marketing.

BenefitCompare, a complete broker app for delivering health insurance includes cost analysis and decision support for families. This project is technically significant for the manner which it parses and warehouses volumes of product data from insurance carrier PDFs.

PillowMob, a digital printed fabric pillow featured on the Today Show, manufactured in San Diego and shipped globally. This project leverages many APIs in order to purchase, share, and ship custom products.

CompleteCampaigns, a CRM and accounting platform for political campaigns. In addition to financial reporting, this platform analyzes millions of voter records.

An interactive electoral map for the United States Electoral College.

A national call-in sweepstakes for Verizon Wireless.

BrandFlex, a web app to customize print ads as PDFs for regional markets while enforcing corporate brand identity.

Primary Technologies

OOP PHP mySQL Javascript jQuery JSON HTML CSS SQL Bootstrap ImageMagick LINUX Apache REST RegularExpressions

Project and Employment History

I have worked as a full-stack web developer since the year 2000.

2007-Current health insurance, data analysis, and reporting
Full-Stack Web Developer

Health insurance is perhaps the most complex product that all adults are required to buy. To help consumers and thereby advance the enrollment process, BenefitCompare generates personalized reports which highlight the most efficient products for each family. I have been the primary developer on this project since its inception both in producing the user interface and the mathematical models which power the product analysis. Nerd-worthy features include PDF-to-data and natural language generation of recommendations based on data analysis.

product concept, UX design, database development, mobile development, scripting

PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Javascript, PDFlib, Highcharts, CSS, HTML

2011-Current e-commerce, production automation, and imaging
Owner and Developer

I prototyped and designed a toy product and built a vertically-integrated on-demand manufacturing process which starts with online sales, is printed digitally on fabrics and ship with on-demand USPS labels. PillowMob software assists in a significant number of functions required to run the business. We manufacture profitably in the United States and deliver worldwide. Featured on The Today Show on NBC.

product concept, database development, production management, advertising

PHP, MySQL, jQuery, ImageMagick, Digital Fabric Printing, Endicia Postage API, Google Cloud Print API, PayPal API, Lambda Face Recognition API, Facebook API

Viderity public sector content management and data presentation
Senior Web Developer

United States Electoral College Electoral Map
Responsible for planning and coding an interactive electoral map for the 2012 Presidential Election.

United States National Archives
Responsible for coding HTML/CSS templates as part of a redesign of this voluminous online archive.

product concept, database development, production management, advertising

PHP, MySQL, jQuery, RegularExpressions, CSS, HTML

Independent Projects design tools A widely-acclaimed font viewer for your web-browser.
Principal developer. Generate a palette from an image and search art products by color. Principal developer.

KIDSAFE ID e-commerce and print production
Full-Stack Web Developer

KIDSAFE ID cards help protect children and generate traffic and awareness of community-minded businesses like Wal-Mart and Coca-Cola. I created the site, billing, print production and fulfillment infrastructure. After 2003, I moved onto to other projects but continued to support this product.

database development, contract development

ASP, SQL Server, Javascript, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, ImageMagick

CompleteCampaigns political campaign finance and government compliance
Director of Technology was voted Best Web-Based Political Campaign Software in 2006 and 2007. I was heavily involved from the project inception in developing many of the features of this combined CRM and compliance reporting suite. Including development in ASP and later ASP.NET, writing stored procedures in t-SQL, and developing financial compliance reports for federal and state jurisdictions.

product concept, database development, compliance reporting

ASP.NET, SQL Server, Javascript, HTML, CSS

OnCall Interactive marketing strategy and interactive
Director of Internet Technology

I played the primary technical role in the development of a sweepstakes engine for Verizon Wireless, the software for a Museum of Science and Industry exhibition, and the e-learning system used to train new McDonald's employees.

database development, contract development

ASP, SQL Server, Javascript, HTML, CSS

Quexion ecommerce and content management
Web Developer

A hosting and application development firm that served startups and small nonprofits, our projects were based in e- commerce and content management. We created a full-featured managed business email solution, and several e- commerce firms which have prospered since. I primarily focused on application development using SQL Server and ASP.

database development, contract development

ASP, SQL Server, Javascript, HTML, CSS

Features and Awards

Today Show NBC featured PillowMob

ClearMark Award Website / Dynamic Media: Public Sector for United States National Archives Website Design

Distinction Award: Travel/Tourism Website International Academy of the Visual Arts for Explorica Travel

TechCrunch featured MyFontbook

Coolest Web Apps named MyFontbook

Best in Class Website Interactive Media Council, Inc for Explorica Travel

Best Web-Based Political Campaign Software Personal Democracy Forum for